Tuesday, April 22, 2008

...Who Am I?

I know you all are dying to know...Heidi tagged me...so here it goes...

( ) Gone on a blind date
(x) Skipped school- Of course!
( ) Been to Canada
( ) See someone die
( ) Been to Mexico- I want too!
(x ) Been to Florida- Love it!
(x) Been on a plane
(x) Been lost-in my head
(x) Been on the opposite side of the country
( x) Gone to Washington, DC- Love it too!
(x) Swam in the ocean - I love the ocean!!!
(x) Cried yourself to sleep
(x) Played cops and robbers-I had a little brother that always wanted to play with us, but we never wanted him there
(x) Recently colored with crayons
(x) Sang Karaoke-horrible at it, but yes
( )Paid for a meal with coins only
(x) Done something you told yourself you wouldn't
(x) Made prank phone calls- Not since I was like 13 or 14
(x) Laughed until some kind of beverage cameout of your nose- Hot Cocoa hurts!
(x) Caught a snowflake on your tongue
() Danced in the rain-I want to do this so bad in the middle of the street like in the movies!
( ) Been kissed under the mistletoe
( ) Watched the sunrise with someone you care about-who gets up that early?
(x) Blown bubbles
(x ) Gone Ice-skating
( ) Been skinny dipping outdoors -You wish!

1. Any nickname? Meg, Meggie, Sexy Buns! (Oh Yeah)
2. Mother's name? Mary
3. Father's name? DeWayne
4. Favorite drink? Good ol Dr. Pepper on a bad day, but Water is great too
5. Tattoo? No
6. Body Piercing? Ears
7. How much do you love your Job? I love being a mom!
8. Birthplace? Sacramento CA
9. Favorite vacation spot? San Antonio! then San Francisco
10. Ever been to Africa? Nope never really had the desire
11. Ever eaten cookies for dinner? duh! Who doesn't?
12. Ever been on TV? Yes...in High School when we got this new ID machine?! Big deal?!
13. Ever steal any traffic sign? no
14. Ever been in a car accident? Just little fender-benders
15. Drive a 2-door or 4-door vehicle? 4-door
16. Favorite salad dressing? ranch
17. Favorite pie? apple
18. Favorite number? don't have one
19. Favorite movie? My Fair Lady...anything with Reese Witherspoon
20. Favorite holiday? My Birthday...(JULY 17)...Christmas...Thanksgiving...any Holiday that involves FOOD!
21. Favorite dessert? Cheesecake w/ cherries
22. Who has loved you the most? My hubby, my parents and sibilings
23. Favorite day of the week? Friday Nolan only works 1/2 a day.
24. Favorite brand of body lotion? Sweet Temptation from Victoria Secrets
25. Favorite toothpaste? Cinnamon Crest
26. Favorite smell? Nolan fresh out of the shower and Olivia all lotioned up!
27. What do you do to relax? Crafts...Cook...Clean...Read

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Hey, that was fun to read!