Thursday, June 19, 2008

...On the Run

Things that I have to (well NEED) to get done today...
...finish laundry
...pack clothes for weekend in Houston
...pick up the house
...Dr. Appt @ 1:30
...clean out science experiments growing in my fridge
...take a nap (wishful thinking)
...go fabric shopping w/ my mom & sister ready to leave for Albuquerque by 4:00 pm

We are leaving for Albuquerque tonight, and will fly out tomorrow morning en route to Houston! Admist everything that has been going on with my BF's family this week, they are still having the wedding!

(bride to be & me)

I promise to have lots of lots of pictures when I get back and talk all about the Wedding, Sweet Peas 1st flight, our Camper & catch up on everything else in our lives!

Don't you just love that sweet lil girl? I know I do!

Why is summer so crazy?

1 comment:

Shar said...

Diet Coke. Definitely a necessity at girls camp.

Have fun on your trip. I love Houston.