Wednesday, July 30, 2008

...Pioneer Days

...Like the rest of the Mormon World, we celebrated Pioneer Days this weekend. It was a lot of fun and a lot of work as always. Thursday night Sweet Pea & I went to the play "All in Favor". It was very cheesy, but pretty funny! Our stake has alot of musical & acting talent! It's nice to see it put to use! Friday night we went to the Jack Family Reunion Dinner and then went to Kirtland El and watched the Fireworks! By far the best around here! Sweet Pea LOVED them. I was a little worried how she would do, but she was so into them! Nolan & I were even "OOHHHH"ing & "AHHHH"ing.

The Young Women in our Ward were in charge of the Float for the parade. The theme this year was, "Our Personal Family Heritage". We had by FAR the cutest float in the stake! The theme for our float was "Our Personal Family Heritage...Ohh So Sweet!" (we really wanted to put "Plant Your Seed", but decided it was a church function and kept it G rated) We decorated everything with Watermelons! We even threw Watermelon Candy! How fun is that? We get serious when it comes to our calling! Gena (our YW president) had shirts made for the girls & Sweet Pea! They looked super cute! Yours truly got to pull the float,(1st time pulling a trailer or anything behind my truck!) ! Nolan couldn't make it and all the rest of the husbands were busy with other things! I did SO awesome, well besides my brakes squeaking the whole time, everything went great!

After the parade we went home and picked up Nolan, (We got a load of concrete that morning for our new drive-way!yay!) and hurried back over for the games! Every year there are races for the youngsters, from the crawlers to age 18. It is SERIOUS business here in K-town! Sweet Pea, of course, was in the crawling race and WON!! There were only 2 other crawlers, but she still won! According to her father, "The Stewarts are Winners!!" She was very funny, she was eating every minute up. Lovin' the attention! Nolan finally had to get his cars keys out to entice her to come over to me! She was way more interested in everyone calling her name and clapping for her! It was so funny!

(thanks for the pics Manda)

After the games on Saturday we went to a family luncheon. Nolan's family knows how to throw a party!! We really just sat around and talked and ate! Sweet Pea did get to crawl around on the trampoline and eat a WHOLE slice of watermelon! Thanks Grandma! Yes we are all wearing green for a reason(The Guillorys were in charge of wearing green for the family float) ! We really didn't mingle with the other families, the green shirts stuck together!

(Joe knew I was taking this picture, I couldn't resist)

We capped the night off attending the Pie & Ice Cream Social and watching Kaitlin & Jeremy in the Championship Softball Game! Kaitlin's team won in extra innings! Don't rub it in too bad sis!
I really do love the 24th celebration! It is really alot of work for each ward, but ends up a success! It is nice to celebrate the pioneers trek, but also having our religious freedom! It makes me so grateful for their sacrifice and determination!

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The Sorensen Bunch said...

You go GIRL...driving THE TRUCK!!! Ok so your YW really does make t-shirts for everything!! You YW pres. MUST have a hook-up! It looks like some serious FUN there on the 24th...we do not go that all out! I do have to say that the softball tournaments would be my highlight!