Tuesday, November 18, 2008

...8 the great!

This is a tag I am just getting around to doing!

8 TV shows I watch

1. The Office
2. Grey's Anatomy
3. ANTM (America's Next Top Model)
4. Dirty Sexy Money
5. Gary Unmarried
6. American Idol
7. Anything on Food Network
8. DIY (when I have that channel)

8 things I did yesterday

1. Took Sweet Pea to the PAT house 
2. Had lunch w/ Nolan
3. Watched Kourtney & Lexi for a while
4. Went to Hobby Lobby for Party Decorations
5. Had a Painting Party at my sister's new house
6. Searched Internet for Ward Party Ideas
7. Drank a Diet Coke w/ Lime!
8. Stayed up late catching up on recorded TV shows

8 favorite restaurants

1. Olive Garden
2. In-N-Out Burger
3. Costa Vida
4. Texas Roadhouse
5. Sonic (only for the drinks really)
6. Steamworks 
7. Chilis
8. Taco Box

8 things on my wish list

1. To be financially free
2. Have my yard landscaped!!
3. Drive a Land Rover
4. Have kids with out the help of fertility drugs
5. Be a good mom and a good wife
6. Be Healthy 
7.  My husband's business to be successful
8. Learn to work Adobe Photoshop


Mel and Angus said...

Thanks Megan. Its a great way to get to know you.

Nate & Kendra Olsen said...

I miss the Taco Box! Hey we just put up our beautiful Martha Stewart Tree and it smells of lovely cinnamon...aka Meggies awesome house!! We love the tree thanks a ton!! How does yours look?