Wednesday, December 3, 2008

...A Trip to the middle of


Before Thanksgiving, Nolan & I ventured to Artesia NM to watch my little brother Wesley play football. With HIGH hopes to win, we jumped in the car and drove 6+ hours to really the middle of no-where!! For miles & miles this is all we saw...

We finally got to Roswell and I was relieved to see that there was civilization there! 
(Sharon...I don't know how you did it?!)

...Artesia is HUGE on Football. They have won close to 26 State Championships just in Football. It is probably as close to West Texas Football as we will get. The entire stadium was paid for by on Oil Field company. The ENTIRE town turns our to watch their beloved Bulldogs.

 Our boys were there to win!! When our boys came out to warm up, some of them had there hands cupped, I didn't realize then what was going on. They had taken some of the little black beads off of our home turf to bring to Artesia for luck! They came down through the stands and our crowd was energized!  
The Football game was tough and sadly we didn't end up winning, but it was wonderful to be there to support Wes and watch him play his last football game! 
 We were sad, but happy to think that in a year he will be on a mission! 

...Wes we are very proud of you & can't wait for Basketball season!!


Nate & Kendra Olsen said...

Great post Meggie! We were sorry we could nto get down there even to see you guys. Tell man-tooth good job and good luck in basketball. If you play close let us know, hopefully Pierce won't have a game. Love you guys

Nate & Kendra Olsen said...
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Shar said...

I'm sad you didn't get to go to Burrito Express! Next time, for sure. Would I lead you astray?

Shar said...

And how did we do it? We went to A LOT of movies.

Christiansen Family said...

Hey Meggie!! Our address is
265 N. Gilbert Rd #1016
Mesa, AZ 85203

Brandon I do not have but send anything to us and we can give to him if you don't get it!

Derek's address is
2635 laguna dr
idaho falls, id 83404
I hope you are all ready for christmas i am trying to be!!