Friday, February 27, 2009

...She is famous

*****UPDATE: Kaitlin & Reed will be on The Today Show tomorrow morning (3/2/2009)***********

...My little sister is FAMOUS!! She just did a web interview with KSL and will be on the news (in Utah) tonight at 10 Or you can watch via internet here. The local paper called her for an interview and that is just the beginning! What an exciting way to start things off!

...Way to go Kaitlin & Reed!


Rosjuane said...

I wish I was closer to do the wedding. I would love to capture the craziness that will be happening!!

Megan said...

Rosjuane... Me too! I Just move to biggie!!

Jessie said...

I was dying watching that video, and then my husband went to Wendys. Too funny! I feel like I should know Reed or maybe some of his family seeing that I am from Blanding too....but it's not ringing a bell. You know how it is after you have a kid, you slowly start losing your mind! :-)