Sunday, May 3, 2009

... I need to SHOUT HOORAY!!

...Today was Sweet Pea's 1st "official" day of Nursery. She stayed there the entire time, well except when Aunt KK brought her too me with stinky pants. I was a much less stressed out mama today and I actually participated in Sunday School!

...So Shout out for JOY!!

(just keep your fingers crossed it stays this way!)


Naomi said...

This day could not be any sooner!! LOL!

Keri said...

Hooray is right! Glad she's reached that milestone!

Jessie said...

Okay, as much as I don't want Crew to get bigger, I must say I am excited for this day.

Church is kind of hard with a baby.

ps. i got the earring cabochons off etsy.

kendra said...

This really is a huge deal for all church going moms! Kirtland 2 ward nursery rocks! (I miss it.....bad!)

Jessica Cockrell-Finch said...

I bet this is a great day, but you can't tell me that sometimes she was a nice excuse!!!