Tuesday, August 4, 2009

...Whirlwind of July

... July for sure was a busy month for this Sassy Stewart household. We were home 2 weekends out of the month, plus not getting home till well after 9pm on weekdays! We are sad to see July go, but hopefully August won't be near as busy!

...For the 4th of July we went camping in Dolores Co w/ Nolan's family. We had a great time and opted not to do fireworks, but instead gave Sweet Pea glow-sticks! Good thing she didn't know what she was missing!

...Then it was off to the Temple with Carson and a Birthday celebration for ME!! Turning 26 never felt so good! I was happy to get away for the night but so happy to return to my Sweet Pea! Nolan made sure that we ate good while in Albuquerque and we saw this great movie too...

... Then it was back to reality to get ready for the 24th celebration (Pioneer Day). Our ward was in charge of the BBQ dinner this year. I had very mixed feelings about it, but after Friday night was over I was certainly glad that we didn't have the water games on Saturday! There is no way I could have pulled it off with out these people, plus my family and numerous members of our ward! Sweet Pea loved the Parade! When it came time to race, well lets just say that she was a little ticked off! Nolan was holding her back till the shouted go, and she DIDN'T like that! So she didn't race this year! Maybe we will start training for next year?! Nolan was asked to play on a friends Softball team this year, I was a little hesitant because his City league play had just ended and I was a little burnt out on Softball! But being the good person and player Nolan is, he did it! They weren't the best team, but weren't the worst! They ended up playing a total of 5 games on Saturday. Nolan was sure glad that they lost! We are glad to be done with sports, for a few more months at least!

...This past weekend we meet up with the other Sassy Stewarts in Flagstaff for a Family Camping trip! We don't camp like normal people though! We went swimming, bowling and ate the best food ever!! It was a great weekend!

...All in all July was a BLAST!


Becky said...

She's getting so big! Noah and I are going to attempt to come down during Thanksgiving. Will you be there???

The Sorensen Bunch said...

You were in FLAG ONLY 45 mintues away...isn't that where we met? LOVE camping there...we just did our reunion there last year!