Wednesday, September 2, 2009

... Sweet Pea-isms

... Now that Sweet Pea is starting to talk more and put words together, there hasn't been a dull moment in the Sassy Stewart House! Here are just a few things that she has recently said that are too funny (well to us) not to share

... When she wants me she will YELL, "Mommy! COME HERE!"

... Every piece of clothing or fabric we pass in the store she will reach out to touch and say, " So cute!"

... I was scoping out toys for her upcoming birthday and when we walked down the Doll/Barbie aisle she said, "Oh cool!"

... I was folding laundry a few days ago and she had to tell me who the piece of clothing belonged to, "Daddy's!" as I was hanging up his work shirts. When I was folding my p.j's she would tell me " Mommy's!" I then started hanging up my shirts and folding my jeans and she said they were KK's. Obviously she must never see me in anything but p.j's!

... When she tells some one bye, she also adds in "Seeulter" (See you Later, it all runs together). She will say this over and over again! It is very funny!

... She has been learning names and the only names that you can understand clearly are Drew-Drew(Andrew), Papa, Daddy, Mommy, KK (Aunt Kaitlin), sometimes Lex, and Kourt. When you ask her what her name is she will just point at her chest. She will NOT say her name, most of the time all we get out of her is "Me!"

... She announces to the entire world when she has done her business! Nolan is very proud of this one!

We love our little Sweet Pea! Nolan and I are continually laughing at the things she does and the things she says!


The Wethington's said...

I love it when they start talking. Maybe it's a mom thing but it just melts my heart!

Jessie said...

Oh man, what a fun age! I can't wait till Crew can talk, let alone say funny things like this.

PS. I have been so busy, and totally spaced emailing you about decor. I will try and do it today! :-)

Melissa said...

I love it when kids are just learning to say things well enough that you can understand. They always say the funniest things. She is such a cutie!

Anonymous said...

That picture is the cutest EVER! Little kids are hilarious. I loved "Seeulter." So cute!

Shar said...

So cute! I love that age when they can start talking!

Brittany said...

I love that you recorded all of those cute things, they are so easy to forget! She is darling.