Wednesday, January 20, 2010

... A Day with the Girls

... On January 2nd I was able to leave Nolan & Sweet Pea home for a few (more like 4) hours. My friends from High School were getting together for brunch. Nolan & I had been busy trying to get this done and I didn't know if I was going to be able to go. Well I surprised all of them by showing up! They didn't think I was coming and I was so happy that I did! We picked up right where we left off 9 years ago! We have known each other for almost 15-20 years! We have all grown up so much since High School and I think that each of these girls have turned into beautiful ladies! I am so glad that I could call them my friends!

(couch: Me, Tess (Duncan)Fishburn, Becca (Foutz) Manning, Stefane (Wheeler)Ballard, Bonnie Hopkins
floor: Rachel Fleming, Jessica (Cockrell)Finch)


Jessie said...

You gals look like you had a blast! Good friends are the best!

Heidi said...

Looks like fun!

The Nichols Family said...

How fun! I'm glad to see that you are doing well and getting in some girl time.