Friday, April 16, 2010

... Touch the Truck

... We decided that our last few weekends as a family of 3 needed to be spent relaxing, playing, and spending lots of time with Sweet Pea! Being such a lover of trucks, airplanes and tractors (she is still a girly-girl) we took Sweet Pea to a local event called "Touch the Truck". It cost us 3 cans of non perishable food and about an hour of our time! Local companies came and brought their equipment for the kids to look at, touch and even climb on! I was for sure that Sweet Pea would EAT this up! We saw lots of Oil Field equipment, Cranes, Fire Trucks, the Hospital Helicoptor , a Mail Truck, Police Cars, Bomb Squad van, even the Frito Lay man! Nolan and I
loved it, Sweet Pea not so much. Since the kids were able to touch the trucks as much as they wanted, there were some over excited kids that could not keep their fingers off the Fire Truck Siren!! Sweet Pea was a little freaked to say the least! She wouldn't get off of Nolan's shoulders!

... Well we tried, maybe next year?!

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mom2cherreys said...

That little pout by the helicopter is so adorable! She is a cutie pie!