Wednesday, June 30, 2010

... Our Summer Project

... We have lived in our house since 2005. Things in our house have pretty much stayed the same since the day we moved in (except for a little paint here and there). Well after thinking long and hard we decided that we need to do a little "switch-a-roo". Our Living Room had French doors that went outside to our back yard & the Dining Room had a large window in it. So we switched!



...We have LOVED the switch! You may notice that the window in the "Before" picture and the one in the "After" picture are different! Well if you didn't they are. Funny Story! While Nolan and his dad were framing up for the door a gust of wind came thru and threw the window off the back porch! No Lie! It shattered! We couldn't find a exact match, so we decided to put in 2 windows instead of 1 big one! We love the change and wonder now why we didn't build it that way!

Now just to get some pictures on the wall....hmmmm Hobby Lobby anyone?

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The Wethington's said...

Our house is the same way. Doors in the living room and window in the dining room. The doors are ruining the living room. I can only arrange the furniture a certain way. I hate it. But it would be do big of a project right now so I think we're just gonna move instead. :) I think the window looks great!