Saturday, December 29, 2007

...I HATE/LOVE Computers!

So Nolan & I have had this on going problem with our computer! We somehow got a virus (Nolan is convinced that it came from me starting to Blog) and our computer has turned into a piece o' crap! I have a routine every morning to get on-line and check my email and look at other peoples blogs and my routine has been interrupted! I am ready to throw my computer out the window! I am trying to convince Nolan that I just need a new computer! I really want a Mac, but he has yet to give into me?! What the heck?! I know I deserve one! Ok I can't ask for too much! He bought me an I-Touch for Christmas! What a sweet guy! I love him to death! My dad came over today and tried to help him, but it still isn't fixed! I was hoping that my dad would just tell him, "Nolan throw this computer away and start over, Megan needs a working computer!" But my dad didn't say anything at all! I know?! MEN? I think Nolan might just give in soon enough, because he is tired of hearing me call him at work and tell him how stupid it is! Ok so I do have patience. I haven't been able to download all my pictures of all our Christmas events, because this hunk o' crap! Nolan brought his lap top home, but didn't bring the cord home?! GEEZE!! So I can finally get on the internet to update my blog and complain, but I have to close my eyes half the time with all the NASTY pop-ups that come up! I am tired of seeing ways and pills on how to improve my sex life?! I have a love/hate realtionship with my computer! So maybe by February I will be able to post all my pictures from Christmas! UGHH!!!

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