Thursday, January 3, 2008

...It's Fixed!!

So Nolan finally got our computer fixed! I feel like a whole new woman!! Ok so like $400 later, it's DONE!! Just keep your fingers crossed that we don't have anymore problems, or else I really will break down and by a new computer! So I am trying to download all my pictures from Christmas and New Years Day...just bare with me! Bad news though...our FREE preview of DIY channel was taken away today! I love that channel! I have this secret love affair with Bob Villa! Except I think my father-in-law is his half brother! He is amazing! My father-in-law that is! Bob Villa is too! Norm Abram is pretty freakin awesome too! How pathetic am I? So as soon as I get all my pictures downloaded I will post about Christmas and New Years! How fun! Our 5th Anniversary is coming up! February 22nd! I keep telling Nolan that the 5th Anniversary is the DIAMOND Anniversary! Yeah Right!

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