Tuesday, January 22, 2008

...Household FREAK!

So I have finally come to realize that after 5 years of marriage (well it will be 5 years on the 22nd of Feb.) I have OCD!! Well ok I really knew that before, but it has gotten worse since I have had Olivia! I unloaded the dishwasher this morning and much to my dismay, it was loaded WRONG(or so I thought)! There were way too many spoons grouped together and the bowls were not stacked right! Ok I know that this sounds bad, but I like the dishes to be loaded right! Nolan, bless his heart, he tries so hard but forgets in between each time his does the dishes! I like all my silverware to come out sparkling clean and not to have crustz stuck on them! I have to have the sinks wiped clean and I always wipe down the counter tops after I am done with breakfast/lunch/dinner. My family & friends know that I am the freak that wipes down the Walmart shopping cart (this ones for you Nate & Kendra)!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Clorox wipes! The are the best thing next to Coke! I am constantly picking up my house, not because it's dirty, but because I love to rearrange things and have them in their right place! But on the flip side, if you were to see my spare bedroom....it's a MESS!!! So I guess we all have our little quirks...don't go thinking I am perfect, I do have my flaws. I hate putting laundry away, after folding laundry...I put it right back in the basket and there it stays until my wonderful husband puts it away or I need the basket for another load of laundry! I just hope that I don't rub off on Olivia! I don't want her to be a FREAK too! I guess I only have 2 people to thank for this! My Mom & my sister Amanda! They both have OCD too! Thank You Ladies! Gosh it's a good thing we're family!

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Vanessa said...

Megan I just discovered the beauty of Clorox cleaning wipes. Love them! You sound like me, I love to rearrange things. Thats why my blog looks different every time you get on it.