Monday, January 7, 2008

...A Weekend full of favorite things

This weekend was so much fun! I kind of forced Nolan to take Friday off of work! He leaves work at noon on Fridays, so he wasn't really missing that much anyway! The joy of being Self-employed, you either love it or hate it! It depends on the day how I feel! Most of the time I love it! So we had lunch together, and then went and picked up the cradle from Dr. Boice & Sue! It was a baby gift for us that took a little longer than expected to get in! (Thanks Dr. Boice for putting it together!) But I love it so much! Olivia has done so good sleeping in it! Then we ventured out to Lowe's to look at Paint! I have this crazy idea that I want to paint my Living room! I am tired of the WHITE walls! Nolan was a little unsure about some of my suggestions , but we took a few samples to think over.

Three of my cousins were in town on their way to school up in Idaho & Utah. We got to play some games, and get in a good hardy laugh! There were almost too many Whipple girls in the room! Kaitlin & Racheal were the weirdest of all of us! Nolan & Jeremy were a little scared of what might happen! Nolan & I ended the night hangin' out at home watching TV and playing with Olivia!

Saturday morning we headed to Walmart early to get our Grocery Shopping done and came home and after 3 long years of living in my house Nolan finally fixed my bath tub(with the help of his dad)! It has been a problem since we pretty much moved in and has just never really been on our list of things to get fixed right away! But now it is! Yeah I can finally take a relaxing bath!! I am so excited!

We took an afternoon drive, it was too cold to go for a walk, so we got some hot coco and listened to Olivia cry for 20 minutes! Ok so it wasn't really that long, but she was having issues with being in her car-seat! My niece Kourtney turned 2 on Saturday, so my sister made her a cake and we had a little party for her at my parents. She was so funny she couldn't wait to eat her cake! Oh how is it to be 2!

Sunday was not a good day! We switched to 1 o'clock church and Olivia was not liking that! She didn't want to sit down, so during Sacrament I stood in the foyer the whole time! Then she was still a little fussy so we just decided to come home since I didn't have to teach Young Women's. We got home and she fell asleep as soon as I changed her clothes and diaper! Our weekend was great! It was just fun to be together as our little family of 3 and to hang out at our house! I love being home with Nolan & Olivia! There is nothing better than being home! I have so many favorite things but here are just a few from this weekend! (in no certain order)

1. Nolan & Olivia

2. My new cradle

3. A sleeping Baby

4. My new boot/slippers (they are so warm, I love Walmart)

5. The snow that is falling outside right now!
(it's amazing that snow can make weeds look so pretty)

6. Spending time with my family & Kourt's Birthday
P.S. Kaitlin I hope this picture makes up for the other one! Luv ya sis!

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Amanda said...

That is a stinkin' cute 2 year old!!!!! I love that sassy little girl, and she sure loves you. The doll has been a hit by the way. They've been playing with it all morning!