Thursday, January 3, 2008

...Christmas & New Years! (Belated)

Christmas was great this year! I had so much fun shopping for Nolan & Olivia this year! It was great to experience Christmas this year with Olivia! Though she was to little to know anything that went on, it was still wonderful! We started partying early this year, as we do every year. Nolan's family has a Santa Party with the Flack Family, we eat Mexican food, sing songs and then Santa comes! Santa brings each little kid a present and they get to sit on Santa's lap! Olivia slept while Santa was holding her (whew!), the food was great and it was fun to see people that we don't get to see that often.

Christmas Eve we went to the Annual Guillory Progressive Dinner and froozzeee!! Then we went back to my parents house (Grandma & Grandpa Whipples) and opened our Christmas pj's! My dad is an E-Bay FREAK!! and got a little carried away with the pj's this year! It was lots of fun to open up and see what we got! Then it was off to bed and waiting for Santa to come! Nolan & I got up early and exchange our gifts and to get ready for a busy day! Nolan was good, too good to me this year and bought me an Ipod Touch (I-touch), which totally suprised me! I am kind of a gadget freak and like wierd things! I was soo soo excited! Nolan got lots of clothes from me and the Sixth Season of the Beloved Show 24!! He was stoked! Then off to his parents to open presents...then off to open presents with the rest of the Guillorys! You just thought we were done....then off to open presents at my parents house and a little time to take a nap! Oh we love NAPS!! Let's just say that our day was very busy and Olivia was such a good girl going to house to house to house! It's really hard when both of your families live in the same town! But we are so thankful to have them so close!

The day after Christmas I got a text at 6:30am from my brother-in-law Jeremy telling me that
my sister Amanda had her baby! Baby Andrew was born at 4:30 am and he is a little cutie! Olivia all of the sudden looks like BABY MONSTER next to him! She went to the Dr. for her 2 month check up and to get her shots (ouch!) she weighed in at 10 lbs 14 oz! She is growing soooo fast!

Since Nolan & I have been married we have attended or held a New Years Eve Party! This year is was kind of a flop(not really)! All of our friends were out of town or too busy! But we managed to still have a good time with the Roundy's ! They are a great couple and Shanna & I go WAY back! We have known each other FOR-EV-ER! We opened Christmas crackers (they are little packages that you open and they have a crown, toy and a really pathetic joke inside)! We had a lot of fun reading the jokes to each other and playing with our little toys! Oh did I mention that we had a TON of food!

New Years day we ate lunch at my parents house and I shared leftover crowns with my nieces & nephew! We enjoyed some delicious Turkey Noodle Soup, good Football games and a good laugh or two! I love this time of year because Nolan is forced to take off work and we get to spend time with our families!

My little sis is quite the weirdo! I love you Kaitlin!

Ok so is Nolan, but I love him too!

I have given up on setting New Year resolutions, because I never keep them!

But I am going to accomplish some things this year!

1. Be a better wife, mother, daughter/inlaw & sister
(I am already the best Aunt that ever lived!!)

2. Read my scriptures & pray more

3. Limit my Old Navy purchases (yeah right Nolan you wish)

4. Get into those skinny jeans! (oh wait I never had any)

5.Chug a gallon of milk without puking :) ok no really be healthy



Amanda said...

I love the picture of Olivia and Andrew....they are the cutest babies ever. You need to email them to me!

Brittany said...

Your blog is so cute! Thanks for leaving a comment on mine, I will visit yours often. Olivia is so CUTE! I hope I get to see her before she starts walking!

Kendra said...

Meggie, it looks like you guys gad too much fun with out us!! Love the pictures!