Thursday, February 28, 2008

...Our Anniversary Trip

We took a weekend trip to Arizona! It was so nice! The weather was beautiful, we ate good, Nolan was not working and we did some major shopping! Being married 5 years I thought deserved a little trip! Maybe one day Nolan will take me on a cruise!
I became a huge fan of a few places while we were there!

Ikea is an awesome store! I have never been to one before! I am a huge fan! Nolan & I were in awe! I LOVE IKEA!

I love the The Childrens Place! They have the cuteset clothes for kids! I got so many cute clothes on SALE for Olivia! I have been to The Childrens Place before, but everytime I go, I fall in love with it all over again!

Of course as always who could forget OLD NAVY!! I am totally addicted to that store! Old Navy On-line is my best friend! I didn't so much get clothes for Olivia this time, but for me! Plus I got some major cute swim suits for Drew, Lexi & Kourtney!! I can't wait for summer!! Old Navy sales Lip Gloss, which I LOVE Lip Gloss! It is so yummy! Watermelon Mint is my favorite!

We ate so good! Living in good 'ol Farmington our choice of resturants is pretty sad! So we ate at all of our favorite places like...

We didn't get the chance to eat at our always favorite In-N-Out Burger! Guess there is always next time!

We were able to hang out with Darren & Heidi and the kiddos on Saturday! They entertained us! Parker wanted to know why Olivia had to be covered up when she ate! He didn't quite understand how she could eat under a blanket! I just left it up to his mom and dad to explain! Parker is a little cowboy and had to do a few "Shows" for us! Then he politely gave us his autograph! So cute! Alexia has grown up so much! She was such a help when it came to changing diapers and was so kind to let Liv take a nap on her bed! Elijah wasn't to sure about me, but loved Nolan. He wasn't to sure about Olivia either, but started to warm up to us as soon as it was time to leave! We loved hangin out with Darren & Heidi!

(This is the shake-your-booty dance)
(If Parkers shorts look a little short...he was wearing his little brothers shorts He wears 5t and they were 24m)
The weather was so nice on Saturday that we took Olivia outside and let her hang out on the grass.

She loved being outside! Ok not a smile in this picture, but she really did like it! PROMISE!She has been cooped up in our house and I look forward to this summer! We are going to have so much fun outside!

I can't wait to go on vacation again! Where should we go next time?

Where is your favorite vacation spot?


Amanda said...

We're going to try and go down there this month! I hope so.......I'm still jealous!

Heidi said...

It was so fun seeing you guys and the kids loved Liv. Thanks for spending the afternoon with us. I want to see the picture of Liv and Parker posing on the grass. Soon! Love the booty shaking pic. Ahhh my kiddos. Can't say I didn't teach them those moves though.

eRiCa said...

sounds like a wonderful little trip! My favorite place to vacation is Tahiti. We have a house there (my mom is from there). I love to surf, boogie board and bask in the sun....ohhhh how I wish I could be on vacation there. another favorite...tahoe...

Patterson said...

Texas Roadhouse is our all time favorite resturant! I think you should come visit us on your next vacation! LOL!

Brittany said...

I think you should come to Utah and visit your favorite people... We have an Ikea too!

AmyBeth said...

Our favorite vacation place is New Jersey, I know it sounds funny but thats where Brian went on his mission and we have kept in touch with a few of the people there. We have already been back there twice, and I just love it there. In plus his mission was really close to NYC and Philly, so we get to go there too when we go!