Thursday, February 28, 2008 best thing to being a mom...


I love being an Aunt! It is so fun! The last 4 years I have been known as "Aunt Meggie"

I love it!

I think that I have the best nieces and nephews. I love to spoil them rotten! I am lucky enough to be able to watch Lexi, Drew & Kourtney the most, but I love being around Alexia, Parker & Elijah when I can!

(this is Olivia's swing...Kourt was pretending to be a baby!)

Kourtney is my little monster! She is so naughty, but so cute at the same time! Maybe it's the 2nd child thing?I sympathize with her!

Alexis is little mother hen! She is smarty pants too! She amazes me at what she remembers and knows! She cracks me up with her little looks and the things that she says! She is 4 giong on 16!

Drew is such a handsome little guy! He is getting so chubby and might pass Olivia up! He has to endure alot having 2 older sisters! They just love him to death! I am so excited so see him & Olivia grow up together!

Alexia is my sugar! She always wants to sit by me! (which makes me feel so good) She is so stinkin smart! She is such a helper and is growing up so fast! She is always doing whats right and makes sure to try and keep her brothers in line! Kudos to you Lex for being the only girl!

Parker is the sweetest little boy you will ever EVER meet! He is always hugging & giving away slobbery kisses! He is our little cowboy & loves everything to do with tools! Parker can always make me laugh at the funny things he does! (his rodeo shows) Elijah always has the sweetest look on his face, but always makes you wonder what he has been up to! The question around Darren & Heidi's is always "Where is Elijah?" He can make a mess before you can blink! He is busy busy BUSY!!

Jace & Mason(my brother Jareds boys...sorry I don't have any pictures of them)

Jace is active, ACTIVE, ACTIVE!! He can run all day an never be tired! He is going to be the little soccer player! Mason is just a week old and is a sweet baby boy!

I love being an AUNT! It is so much fun!

What do you love about being an AUNT?


Amanda said...

And you are by far the best aunt ever. It is so wonderful to know that if something ever happened to me, you would swoop in and take care of my kiddos. They love you like a second mom!!!! Thanks Aunt Meggie!!!!! I'll let you know how much Drew weighs after the Dr. He might pass Livy up?!

Heidi said...

My favorite thing about being an aunt is squeezing cheeks. I love snuggling and wrestling with the older ones and kissing and holding the little ones. I love sending love notes in the mail on holidays for them and now that Olivia is here we have cousins on the Stewart side as well. Yippee!!