Friday, March 7, 2008

...Are you ready for some Softball?

...Nolan got his letter from the City of Farmington today! Softball season starts May 5, 2008! I am so excited! Ok just a little background first!...Nolan & I were High School Sweethearts (AHHHHH!) I went to every single Baseball game he had! I was the faithful girlfriend sitting in the stands of Aztec freezing my you-know-what off! Not to brag or anything, but my husband is a stud! He had the chance to go play college ball, but chose to serve the Lord instead! What a man...I know! I always wanted to be the wife of a pro-player, but I love the life I have now...I don't think I could really handle it!
...Ok so the rest of the story...Nolan got some friends of ours and started a Softball Team. Last year was the first year to have our own team( Nolan has played for other teams in the past, but never his own)! It was great...the weather was nice...wives got to chase the kids around(3 of us were pregnant during Softball season last year)I am so excited! I love watching & supporting my husband in something that he LOVES to do! Plus it brings back memories of his cute butt in those baseball pants! Yeah you know! Who agrees?
In our house Baseball is everything! Not everything, but you know! We love BASEBALL! So Amanda & Sharon get those boys ready...cause the BRAVES are back in town!!


Shar said...

I was the way supportive wife who went to what, like 2 games?!? I'm awesome. Nate is so lucky to have me!

Maybe I'll go to more this season. I'm still not sure about all this baseball stuff. I'm more into football and basketball. We'll see!

Amanda said...

Yeah for softball!!!! Jeremy is so excited, and so is Lexi. She always asks if it's time for softball so she can play outside with all the kids. My poor children are just about raised at sporting events between our siblings and husbands. I can't wait!!!

Heidi said...

Yeah for butts in baseball pants. I pull out the pictures from highschool every now and then just so I can be reminded of what Darren looked like in uniform.

Meggie said...

sharon-nate is lucky to have you! you are a good don't give yourself enough credit! i miss you guys!

daveandabbyjohnsonfamily said...

Well, hello! I love meeting anyone of Yolanda's friends. She is such a delight! There is a baby boutique store in Utah where I got some of her clothes. But some of the clothing lines that I bought from the store you can get online., patagonia (their kids stuff is cute) old navy,, and I will have to search for some more fun websites for you to look at!