Wednesday, March 12, 2008

...Purse Tag

(this is not my actual diaper bag, but I really like it!)

...So I have been tagged by Amanda (my sister)...What's in my purse (diaper bag these days)?

...2 things of lip gloss

...hand sanitizer spray

...clorox wipes (for those nasty walmart carts)

...burp rags (lots!)

...cell phone calendar wallet w/ numerous cards grapefruit lotion

...diapers & wipes

...change of clothes for Olivia

...gum ties

...last but not least My I-Touch

So what's in your purse?

I am going to tag...Alicia S & Heidi

1 comment:

The Sorensen Bunch said...

You are too cute! i DiD the tag! Check it out!. I find it Great that you are still "in love" w/ your hubby (softball post). We get to play on a co-ed softball team together and it has the same effect of togetherness! Live it up!