Tuesday, March 25, 2008

...Just put a Band-Aid on it

Does your life ever feel like your getting dumped on? Do you just wish that you could just stick a Band-Aid on it till things got better? When we were little my parents had an Ace Bandage that was a miracle worker. If we had a cut, hurt arm, sore leg...we would just get out the Ace Bandage and our pain would go away with in minutes. Well ,my nieces love Band-Aids...They put them on EVERYTHING! A sore ear, scratch on your little toe, cut on your chin...there is a Band-Aid there to cover it up! I just wish that I could put a Band-Aid on others problems! I feel really sorry for them and sometimes just wish that I could do a quick fix like a Band-Aid! I realized that the problems that I have seem so petty compared to other people I know.
So next time when things get a little rough, put a Band-Aid on your forehead and maybe, just maybe it will all go away!

(Kourtney fell and scraped her nose!)


Keri said...

Oh, just wait...your time will come! :)

Amanda said...

You need to email me these pictures! She is so funny!

Brittany said...

It was great to see you the other day! Olivia is a doll. I think Owen was watching her because he spit up a ton on me the next day.

Urilla said...

Interesting to know.