Tuesday, March 25, 2008

...Easter Weekend

Easter was lots of fun this year! I always love an excuse to eat candy and not feel guilty! We had an Easter Egg Hunt @ my parents house for all the kids! My dad was nice enough to even have an Egg for Olivia...it had $4 in it! The kids had lots of fun and we had an even better time going through all their candy! What is it about Easter candy that is so good?

Easter Sunday was great... Olivia was GREAT during Church and looked so cute in her Easter Dress (I am a BAD mother, I didn't get any pictures of her in her Easter Dress...guess I am going to have to do a little photo shoot this week?!) I loved being able to reflect on all the things that the Savior has done for me & my family! I am so grateful for my testimony of the gospel!

Here are a few pictures from the Easter Egg Hunt...




My little sister Kaitlin graced us with her presence at the Easter Egg hunt...As I was taking pictures of the kids, I thought I would take a picture of Kaitlin too! She made a nasty face as I was taking a picture of her and then said, "Put THAT on your BLOG!"

Kaitlin- The picture wasn't very flattering of you, so I chose to post one of your MAD HULA-HOOP SKILLS...

I hope that everyone had an enjoyable Easter!

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kk said...

oh thanks meg your the best! your not trying to embarrass me for once!