Monday, April 28, 2008

...Just another Monday?!

From the moment I woke up this morning The Bangles song Manic Monday has been playing in my head all day long! I knew that it was going to be a SUPER BUSY day and I was wishing that it was Friday again so that I could have been able to get one more thing done! My sister had to take LIL' Drew for a Dr. Appt (@ 4 months he weighs 16 lbs 5 oz!!) and she asked me to watch the girls for her! I love watching Lexi & Kourtney! They are so much fun and we love playing and watching movies!

This is what we did...

...made a few funny potatoes

...played Ants N the Pants

...Uncle Nolan brought home lunch, so we had a picnic on the living room floor

(sorry didn't get any pictures of this)

...had a bowl of ice cream
(thanks uncle Nolan!)

...watched 2 GREAT movies

Enchanted & Ratatouille

...Played with some toys
...made about 500 trips to the Bathroom
(Kourt is potty-training)
...Olivia had a LONG nap
(2 1/2 hours! YAY!! Mom was happy!)

Then after Amanda came and picked up the girls...Nolan called
...He forgot his cell phone at home and left some papers from a client in my truck!! (Oh boy! Those of you that know Nolan...that is his LIFE...I call it his girlfriend...he doesn't think it's funny!)
... So we made a trip into town to take Nolan his cell phone & papers. He was nice enough to treat us to a Sonic Drink (my favorite!)
...We made it home just in time to go for our afternoon walk with Amanda, kids and Grandma Whipple! After our walk...went home, Nolan put water on our grass seed(please grow!)...changed his clothes for Softball practice and out the door we went! We stopped at Subway on our way into town for dinner!
...At Softball practice for an hour, came home put Olivia in the Bath and had a short FHE lesson!
Read Olivia a few books, kissed her good-night and put her in bed!
...Said prayers, kissed(muah!) each other good-night, Nolan rolled over and went to dream land, while I stayed up to Blog about our busy day!

...After all of this she is still smiling!

How was your Monday?

ps. Erica how do you put videos on your blog?

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Amanda said...

You are the BEST AUNT in the entire world!!!! Thank you so much for you help today day I'll be able to repay you for all of your wonderful help! You were such a life saver with all the stuff I needed to do. Sorry I didn't get to visit much at softball (it was secretly because you were smothering that baby) ;) Thanks again are the best!