Tuesday, April 29, 2008

...Weekend Smeekend!

Our weekend was sooo fun! Nolan decided to take ALL day Friday off! YAY!! I was so pumped! I was going to put him to work in the house cleaning bathrooms, floors, cleaning out the fridge, scrubbing baseboards...etc. while I sat on the couch eating Bon-Bons (right Jeremy?!). Then he told me his plan and I couldn't think of anything better to do! I love when my husband has good ideas! So this is what we did...
...We drove to Cortez CO to look at Campers (we are in the market for a BIGGER one!)
...then drove over to Durango CO to have some lunch (Yummy Steamworks!) and do some downtown shopping
...While we were shopping I found the coolest thing ever for Olivia. I have been shopping on-line for a Baby Carrier. I wanted a wrap style, but Nolan thought it was a little on the girly side. After talking to a friend she bought a wrap and loved it for her little guy! So while in Durango they had what I had been looking at on-line! It's a Moby!

...So we tried it out...and Nolan liked it! So we got one! Olivia loves it! It's a little hard to get used to and figure out how to wrap it just right. Thanks Heather! (where's your Blog?)

(side note: Last night while we were at Softball practice, I had Olivia wrapped up in it facing out and a lady pointed out to everyone on her team that I was smothering my child. Was she quiet...NO! Was I annoyed...YES!Keep your opinions to yourself!)
....Saturday, Nolan had an Elder's Quorum Service Project... so Olivia & I did Laundry. Then we went over to visit Manda & Kids.Came home for a nap...Nolan planted grass seed (I did help!)

(our yard is a work in progress)
...While next door Jeremy & Manda started digging the foundation for their house! YAY!! Watching my dad on a Backhoe was pretty funny! Good job Guys!

(not much now..but will be soon!)

...For dinner I made yummy Gumbo, to fill our empty bellys! Yum-O! Then we were able to hang out for a while at Grandpa & Grandma Stewarts!

What a GREAT weekend it was! Thank goodness for HARD Working Husbands!

What did you do fun over the weekend?


Amanda said...

Yay for my big dirt hole!

kendra said...

Thanks for sharing all the exciting news! We miss you guys!