Saturday, May 3, 2008

...I totally forgot!

...I was so worried about telling everyone my dramatic story about the Dr.'s office I forgot to tell you that I have a Baby Genius!
...She is ARMY crawling everywhere!
...She is starting to FINALLY sleep through the night
(waking up at 4am or 5am counts for the whole night to me!)
...She is a TOTAL Mommy's Girl!
...She pulled herself up in her crib yesterday!
(went to get camera, she fell and it was sad!)
...She loves sucking on Drew's Head!
(he isn't mobile so she will crawl over to him and suck away!)
...If she isn't getting enough attention she will FAKE cough
(very funny!)
...Ok So I just had to brag a little about my Lil' Sweet Pea!
What Mom doesn't think her child is a Baby Genius?


Keri said...

I love that she sucks on Drew's head...that's hilarious!!

The Sorensen Bunch said...

You do have a genius!!! LOVE her!

Heidi said...

Brag away Meg. We love to hear it!