Wednesday, May 7, 2008

...We're leaving on a Jet Plane

...My best Friend is getting married next month in TX and we are going to the wedding! YAY! This will be the first time that Olivia will be flying and I need some tips. I know you moms are out there that know alot about flying w/ infants & kids. Give me your tips of what to do (please)!
I am a serious over-packer! I am even worse now that I have Olivia to pack for! I would love to hear good and bad things! I am up for the challenge!


Shar said...

I drug mine with Benadryl.

Amanda said...

I'm jealous! I wish I could fly away some where....but then again, I don't want to stress about flying with three kids.

Patterson said...

My mom bought those space bags that you can roll the air out of when she went to NYC. She loved them! You can find them in walmart over by the plastic totes.

The Wethington's said...

Bring the stroller for sure. they will check it at the gate for you so you'll have something to carry Olivia and all your junk in to the plane. Bring only what you NEED. You'll be stressed if you are trying to keep track of a million different bags and purses etc. be prepared. People are soooo rude about kids on the airplane. It's not thier fault if they cry! Mean people suck. Ignore them. I like Shar's idea about the benadryl...maybe next time.

AmyBeth said...

I went to the store the day before we left and bought new books, and toys that Broc had never seen or played with before. I packed cookies, or anything that I know that he liked that would keep him quiet. For sure get her some new books and toys that will be new and exciting to her for the flight. But try not to have to much stuff because you wont have very much room. And I also agree with the benadryl comment!

Sean and Janet Eyring said...

Baby Tylenol or Benadryl for sure! And if you are still doing the bottle thing (or maybe you are an all natural kind of girl!) beware of crazy restrictions for bottles and formula cans onboard the plane.

By they way, HI! saw your link on Vanessa Crum's site and thought I'd stop by! Good to "see" you. Cute baby, and congrats on getting married even, don't think I've seen you in a LONG time!!
Stop by our blog sometime!
--Sean (and Janet) Eyring

Brittany said...

I agree with the stroller and the new toys and snacks. Also, try to keep her in the carseat and then she just thinks she has to stay there, like when they are in the car.
I also nurse mine up the way up and down so that they don't get earaches.
Get a Hooter Hider- it is a superhero cape for nursing mothers.
Use a Backpack for your purse/ diaper bag... it is easier than a shoulder bag.
They searched Christian when he was a tiny so bring easy shoes to take on and off, or don't put shoes on him at all.
Look really frazzled so that people feel sorry for you instead of getting mad at you.
I am just realizing how much I hate to fly with kids! Good Luck!

Brittany said...

Thanks for going to lunch with me the other day! I had a ton of fun!