Tuesday, June 24, 2008

...A Big Texas Weekend

...We had a whirl wind of a weekend! It was so much fun and we were glad to get out of town for a few days. Houston was beautiful, a little (ok a lot) on the humid side, but it was nice. Flying with Sweet Pea was a piece of cake. She was so good, I didn't even have to drug her!
...We flew in early on Friday morning and had enough time before the Dinner, so we drove down to Galveston. It was exactly what I pictured the south looking like. We could still see some of the effects of the Hurricane on the houses. I have never seen so many cool buildings & houses. I have always wanted a beach house and after seeing Galveston...I still want a beach house!
Sweet Pea loved the ocean! She loved the sand, the shells, the waves and crawling around & eating sand!
(no fat jokes please...why didn't you tell me I have a double chin)

Alecia & Dennis invited us to the Wedding Rehearsal & Dinner (which was so nice of them). Sweet Pea was sleeping during the Wedding Rehearsal so Nolan sat in the car with her while I went inside the church and watched. Chance (another friend from High School) was there and we had such a good time watching (ok really talking the whole time), and reminiscing about the good 'ol days! We did some pretty funny things!
(yes Chance, I put this on my blog! I told you I would!)
Dinner was de-lici-ous, some Good Texas BBQ of course! YUMMM!!!
Chance was nice enough to take Sweet Pea for a little bit at dinner and let Nolan & I have some alone time! He kept doing that all weekend! Thanks Chance! We love Uncle Chance!Erica shared with everyone her story. We are so glad for her safe return, and are so glad that she was there for the special event!

The wedding was beautiful! Alecia looked stunning! The ceremony was wonderful and they had good music! Loved the guitar player! After the ceremony, before the reception Nolan & I found Sonic and grabbed a ice cold Dr. Pepper! I love America's Drive In!

Mr. & Mrs. Doty

(he took dance lessons behind her back! Way to go John!)
The reception was so pretty. I loved the color combination of Turquoise & Brown, it was very traditional and made me think of home! The food was de-lici-ous and it was great to see the happy couple & their happy families! We were able to snap a picture with the beautiful bride before we had to leave. Gave hugs & kisses and were off to put Sweet Pea to bed!

Thank You John & Ellane for a wonderful party! We love you!

...We got back to our Hotel to find the power out! OH GREAT!
No A/C + Houston humidity + a tired Sweet Pea = NO FUN!

We made the best of it though...
Thank You Mr. Marriott for providing snacks, a coke and a comfortable chair while we were waiting! It was very nice of you!
...We did manage to take Sweet Pea swimming. She loved splashing in the water and floating around!

We had such a fun weekend! We are glad to be home and spend a few nights in our own bed...that is until the next trip...Camping for the 4th! What could be better?


kendra said...

It looks like you 2 love birds had a great time.. yeah I'm jealous!!
Liv is beautiful!

Vanessa said...

I love Olivia's outfit...so cute, she is very stylin! You and Nolan look so happy! What a fun trip!

The Sorensen Bunch said...

I am feelin in love because you were back in our stomping grounds in Houston. That is where we went to grad school and my heart is so soft for that place...it IS beautiful. I LOVE the brides name!!! It looked fab!