Thursday, July 24, 2008

...Lazy Days

...I seriously could stay in my pjs all day! I really hate getting ready. It seems like it takes FOR-EV-ER! Most days, unless I have somewhere to go, I don't get ready till 11ish (shhhh!) . Somedays Nolan comes home for lunch and I still haven't taken a shower! We have been married for almost 5 1/2 years...he knows me all to well! I love hanging out at home in my pjs with my messy hair and no make-up face, I guess after all those years of working I deserve it! Just Keepin' it real Folks!
Do you have Lazy Days?


Keri said...

I don't really stay in my pj's all day long, but I love to get ready when I'm ready & not be rushed. Perhaps that's why I'm such a homebody. I agree that getting ready takes WAY too long. I wish I never had to get ready.

AmyBeth said...

I love to stay in my comfy clothes all day, I call them that cause they arent really pjs, just my comfy clothes! As soon as I get home from anywhere the first thing I do, is to change into my comfy clothes!

Heidi said...

Yeah for comfy clothes and those not afraid to wear them. If I had lived in the 60's I'd have been burning my bra's. Seriously!