Thursday, July 10, 2008

...What I know


...I am turning 25 in a exactly a week and it's not bothering me near as bad as I thought it would?! (don't worry about sending me presents!)

...I am having my Gallbladder surgery on Monday and I am scared to death!

...Afternoon drives with my hubby (while Sweet Pea is sleeping) is something that I treasure!

...Wrangling 3 kiddos in Walmart is Perfectly insane!(Amanda you are crazy)

...Sweet Pea is growing up and I can't stop it,
her dad can't wait for her to start school (he is crazy sometimes)

...I really love my calling
I almost don't want to say it out loud in fear of getting released

...Being a mom isn't always the easiest thing
some days are better than others!
...On-line shopping is addictive!
"Hi, My name is Megan and I am addicted to online shopping"
...Ice Cream & Costa Vida can make you gain weight and gain it FAST!
thats for you Shanna!
...I don't sweat I rain!
I hate's gross, but it's in my genes
...I am perfectly happy with my life!
most days!
...Thats all I know for now folks! What do you "know"?


Shar said...

If gall bladder surgery is anything like a c-section, PIECE OF CAKE!

You know, I never sweat. (I just wrote I never swear. THAT'S a lie!) I just turn beet red. I've always done that. (And I've always sworn)

Olivia is getting so big!

KEDowdy said...

I've had my gall bladder removed right after I had Kyesun so if your getting it removed, the after part sucks! they do it laproscopicly now so thats not too bad.

I also just love costa!

And Olivia is gettiing so big but she is so darn cute.

And Happy Birthday next week.

Vanessa said...

Hey Happy Birthday to be, and good luck with your surgery!