Thursday, July 17, 2008

...Birthday Wishes & Missing Body Parts!

...I officially am the B-I-G 25! Yeah it's not that big of a deal! Maybe because I have a Percocet in me (well 1/2 of one)?! My Birthday was GREAT! Nolan brought home Subway (my new non-greasy diet) for lunch, took the afternoon off and let me take a nap( he really does love me)! We ended the evening off with Sonic and Nolan had 2 Softball games! They won the Championship! ....WHEW! It would have been a horrible Birthday ride home!
...That dang Gallbladder that was puttin' a cramp in my style is gone! The Surgery was a breeze, I don't know why I waited so long?! Well yes I do. ..I wanted to wait till Sweet Pea was done nursing, but the Dr. convinced me other wise! I guess that's what he gets paid the big bucks for! The day after I was feeling a little too good (note the Percocet) and tried to be Wonder Woman...(minus the boots & underwear on the outside) and over did it! Why I don't know because Nolan was home and was there to fulfill to my every desire! I didn't take advantage of him like I should've! Next time! What would I do without a good husband to take care of Sweet Pea in the wee hours of the night so that I can get a full nights sleep?! I think I can milk this surgery thing for a long time! Years maybe? I will try!
...I am so excited for my Birthday weekend! Nolan has promised me good food and more R & R! The Olsens are passing through on their way to Canada! We are going to PARTY!

I love the weekends! Don't you?


KEDowdy said...

OMG They won the chamionship?! YAY that is so cool. and HAppy Birthday! hope you have a great birthday weekend. I need to have one of those.

The Wethington's said...

Happy Birthday! Welcome to the 25ers Club. We are now officially 25 forever. I'm glad your surgery went okay. I have a few questions about the gallbladder thing. In the evenings after dinner I get a really really bad pain that starts in my ribs on the right side and goes through my back and around to the left side so that by the end of the night both sides and my back feel like they are going to explode. It really feels like my ribs are trying to escape! I told my doctor about that in March and he ordered ultrasounds to look for stones or something but they came back clear so they never did any kind of follow up. I don't want to sound like a baby but it really does hurt and if it isn't galbladder I'd like to know what gallbladder feels like. I hate to make a ton of appointments and keep paying the stupid co-pays when they don't even find anything wrong. Am I going crazy?

Shar said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Megan,
Happy Birthday to you!

And who needs a gall bladder anyways!?!

Lacey said...

Happy Late Birthday! Glad your surger y went well... Definately milk it for all its worth, it may be your only chance for a while! haha

sheena said...

happy day!!

did you keep your gall bladder?

Anonymous said...

I got you a Canadian flag on your live traffic feed! We had so much fun with you guys, thanks for more memories! And I'm glad you had a good birthday!