Saturday, August 16, 2008

...Partying with the Olsens

...We met up with the Olsens in Phoenix and had more laughs then we could really handle! We went shopping, ate good food, went to a Baseball game and ate some more! We love Nate & Kendra and wish they didn't live so far away! Sweet Pea loved the Baseball game and Nate & Kendra were cheap entertainment along with this lady(not her daughter)....

(die hard Braves fan...she got even funnier after a couple of drinks)

...and then there was this guy

(he wanted me to take a picture of him? One too many Jose Cuervos)

Of course Sweet Pea had to have Braves attire on! Thank goodness I found some outifts for her when I was pregnant! She looked so cute! Thanks to Grandpa Jerry, Nolan & I got to match one night!

We laughed till we cried and shoved our faces till our buttons popped!Sweet Pea loved the crowds, staring at other peoples food and watching those Baseball players in tight pants (ok not really)! She got so tired one night at the game she fell asleep...
All -n- all it was a fun trip! We ate at some good places like...
(thanks Sharon for blogging about Matt's Big Breakfast! It was amazing!) ,

and watched 2 good baseball games!


(nate this picture makes me laugh every time I see it! I couldn't resist!)

For a good time call the Olsens! Seriously!

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kendra said...

Awesome post! You described the weekend to a "T" We had a blast as well. Thanks for putting up with us! Sweet Pea was so stinkin cute all day Saturday! The pictures of the crazy lady fan just gave Nate and I a flood of memories! Nate says he loves his double chin in that picture of him! HA!
We love you guys!