Wednesday, September 17, 2008

...Dear Mr. Dish Network,

...I would like to thank you for the wonderful deal that you are having on DVR Receivers. I am now saving $5 a month on my bill. That is $5 more buck-a-roos that I can spend else where(ahem, Sweet Pea). Thank you for calling my house at 8:05 am this morning and forcing me to hurry and put some clothes on. I didn't think you were going to come that early, they lady on the phone said between 8am-12pm. I thought she was kidding?! Guess not! I have a hard time getting up anyway, but your wake-up call made it easy! Thank you for installing my new DVR Receiver so that I can record this and this at the same time! Genius I tell you! I was having panic attacks trying to chose what to watch on Thursday nights.
Sorry that our house was a little on the warm side(the hubs is weird with the temperature lately), and maybe, just maybe smelled a little (ok alot) like garlic from last nights dinner! Oopps! Sorry! But Thank you for making our life that much easier! We love TV and you just made it that much easier for us to plop our big 'o butts down and watch!
Hugs & Kisses in a friendish sort of way,

The Sassy Stewarts
PS. Sorry for previously yelling (or talking loudly) at some of your Customer Service Reps. They don't speak very good English, and they don't understand me very well. What can I say...It's my $$$ and I just want my way! Hope we can still be friends?!


Shar said...

Dish Network. When it's good it's good. When you have to talk to someone in Customer Service, than all hell breaks loose and life sucks.

I love the double DVR too.

Amy Beth said...

Yes DVR is the one of the greatest inventions ever! I dont know what we would do without it! Thats funny that they came early cause they were headed to my mom's house today too and my mom was complaing cause they didnt come early enough! She wanted them to come right at 8, they should have swapped when they went to you guys, lol.

Cecilia said...

Try calling them to cancel the service and they will give you all kinds of discounts. Today we were able to save $30 on our bill...yay!
I can't wait to start watching Grey's Anatomy!!!!I love that show!

Anonymous said...

Ok Megan! This is so Clever! I love how you wrote it like a letter instead of just telling us how it went down! Clver clever girl!!!

This is Shay;)

eRiCa said...

I LOVE MY fact it was what I wanted for our 5 year anniversary...yeah, no jewelry or shoes (which is a sacrifice if you know me) all I wanted was DVR...and ours is FREE because the chick I was talking to n the phone had kids and we got to talking...NICE :)

I only wish now I had another DVR so I could record two more I think I better cut back if I have four shows on at the same time ..yikes!

allison said...

I love my DVR so I don't have to waste time watching commercials. :)

Thank you so much for the package. I loved it and so did my girls!


Anonymous said...

HA! LOVE it! Seriously that is the most annoying thing...talking to someone you can't understand!!!

Bileen said...

Hey, found you blog hopping though aunt mel. Hope you don't mind. I was laughing all though your letter though. It's hilarious. Seriously though....people shouldn't call before 9:30 and shouldn't stop by before 10:00 but that's just my opinion. And employees in customer service positions should be able to speak with the customers.

Rosjuane said...

Oh my I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard.