Friday, September 5, 2008

...10 months old

...Sweet Pea is 10 months old! Time has flown by!

Here is what she has been up to lately...

...has 4 1/2 teeth

...super-duper fast crawler

...loves her silly daddy

...wants to walk (she's too chicken)

...Eats like a freakin' horse and still doesn't gain weight

(i am super jealous)

...loves to shred the whole roll of TP in every bathroom

...loves playing in potting soil

...still has a love/hate relationship with church

...loves her tounge

...perfected her parade/princess wave

...loves sleeping with mom (dad sometimes)

...loves books!

...loves fruits & veggies

...continues to amaze us each day

...we can never get enough of her & her cute giggle

Where did this little baby go?


Sean and Janet said...

Love the drooling picture!

Mel and Bud said...

Megan of course I remember you. Courtney was actually coloring and cutting my hair this morning when I read your message. It made me think of the times you and Amanda would somehow get a comb stuck in Courtney's hair. Good Times! Your baby is sooo cute. Has some of that Whipple in her! Tell your mom and dad hi.

Quinn and Kristan said...

I love your blog. Your little girl is darling! I am so glad that you signed up for the swap! I am really excited about it. We will have to keep in touch too. I am adding your link to my blog (hope that is okay) I love meeting new people through blogs. (WOW I really sound like a loser with no friends! HA)
Talk to ya soon!

Sean and Janet said...

Oh, I was going to tell you, all the carnival decorations are from PotteryBarn kids--go to their website in the off season (these were "summer items" so look in the late summer/fall) and get them for super cheap. They are made of sturdy canvas and will last for years and years!

Cecilia said...

What a cutie pie! They just grow so fast don't they?!?!?!
Love the pics!

mysteryhistorymom said...

What a little cutie! Yes, they grow much too quickly- sigh... So glad that you like your package of goodies! Enjoy!:-) Lori

Shar said...

They do grow up fast! And the pictures don't even do her justice. She is way cuter in person!

And you might want to consider moving her birthday party to another day. Than you can come to our Halloween party. Just a thought.