Wednesday, April 1, 2009

...Why I am excited for April

...April is going to be awesome month! I can feel it in my big bones! Here is why...

...General Conference
watching church on TV in your pj's can't get much better

...Sweet Pea has 3 more Sundays till she is OFFICIALLY in nursery!!

...Alexia, our niece is going to be baptized 

... Since Alexia is getting baptized, a trip to AZ is in the making!!

... Shopping at IKEA in AZ

... Eating in AZ

...A FREE preview of DIY

... Getting our yard, flower beds and garden ready for planting

... Warmer weather

... Flying a kite with Sweet Pea

... 1 camping trip (maybe)

... Softball season starts

... Easter candy

... Being that much closer to summer!

Come on April I am ready for you! Bring it on!


mom2cherreys said...

Sounds like a really fun month, I wish I had a trip to AZ coming this month, I'm a little jealous!

Rebecca said...

I agree April is a good month. Hope all is well I found you through Heidi's blog.

Nate & Kendra Olsen said...

hey u forgot to mention a trip to Las Cruces.. We have your room ready.. and u can bring Raspushia (AKA Nolie) just lay off the horn!!