Wednesday, June 24, 2009

...Camping with Sweet Pea

(Cardboard cut out of a Tent at the Park we were at)
(picture taken w/ my phone)
...For Father's Day weekend we decided to go Camping in Durango. It was a very relaxing trip filled with Good Food, Card Games, a nap here and there and GREAT company! I could live in the mountains, as long as Walmart or Target was within a reasonable driving time! Sweet Pea was, as always FUN! She had her moments of boycotting naps or not wanting to eat anything but "cany"(candy) . All in all she was quite hilarious! Here are just a few moments I was able to catch on camera...

(waving at a Camper(s) coming in the park)

...We are getting packed up to go again in a week! Oh we love Summer!


Anonymous said...

Oh my she id getting so big. I'm glad you had fun I can't wait to go camp either...I'm missing it sooooo much! A Picnic would be wonderful. Berg park has place its like a little water center thing maybe we can plan a day that you don't have much planned and we can eat their so that Bryce and Olivia can play in it!!! Just let me know. Talk to ya soon!

{our happy nest} said...

i'm glad you love your ring! that is one of my favorites. :)

looks like your camping trip was fun. we haven't been yet this summer but i do love camping!

most of the places we go are off the beaten path. green's peak is my favorite place by far and then near heber there is a place called forest lakes which is also very pretty. if you're looking for a park there is Fool's Hollow Lake in show low. they have hook-ups and tent sites plus they have showers and restroom facilities which last time i was there, were actually very well taken care of. it is probably the most beautiful of the parks plus you're close to stores and other entertainment if you were planning on sneaking away. and of course the lake is right there.

hopefully that was helpful. :) thanks for stopping by my blog and for your order! happy camping!

{oh yeah, and those pictures of your daughter are adorable!}

Melissa said...

Sounds like tons of fun. I really want to go camping some time this summer. Olivia is so cute!

kendra said...

I love the faces she makes. It was great getting to know her!

Courtney said...

What a cute little girlie! I love that last picture.

The Sorensen Bunch said...

What a perfect way to spend Fathers Day!