Monday, August 31, 2009

... Cooking with Sweet Pea

... Nolan decided that we need a treat after FHE. I was game for Dairy Queen, but he wanted something better ( I personally don't know what's better than Ice Cream). He tied my apron on Sweet Pea and they made brownies! Nolan put her on a chair, handed her a spoon and she was like an old pro! She stirred and stirred the crisco and then licked it (nasty)! She wasn't quite sure about licking the batter, which is the best part, but after one licked she was hooked! She was such a good help to Nolan!

...It's a good thing that Santa is bringing her this for Christmas!

1 comment:

hays said...

my girls have the same one and they play with it everyday. she will love it!