Tuesday, May 3, 2011


... I've recently started watching "Glee" on Netflix. I am hooked! I have been having dreams that I am in the Glee Club! I dance and sing in my dreams just like in the show. I have officially been "Gleed" and I am ok with it!

...We had 2 parties for Clara this weekend. We are just coming out of our food/sugar coma! It was so fun! The weather didn't cooperate with our (my) plans, but that's ok we made do.

... Nolan's city Softball league starts tomorrow. (Wahoooooooo!!!!) To say that I am excited would just be an understatement! I love Softball time! Olivia gets to play till she is tired and I get to chat it up with some of my favorite gals!

...Pandora is the bomb! I love the Classic Country Station! Nolan & I know almost all the songs by heart and bring back a flood of memories of the good 'ol 90's! 

...My 10 yr class reunion is in a few months. I am on a mission to lose some of this weight and my reunion is a good incentive! 

...Nolan is almost done with welding our front fence and then PAINT!!!

...Papa Stewart is building the most AWESOME playhouse/ mansion for Olivia & Clara. It's is so cool! I can't wait to decorate it! 

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