Thursday, April 28, 2011


... I am a Holiday person! I love them! I love to decorate for them, cook for them, eat with family on them! Poor Easter this year was the day before Clara's birthday. I was/am in denial about her turning 1 and didn't want to come to terms with it. So Easter got forgotten! Well kind of! I bought the girls dresses about and that.was. it! We didn't dye eyes, we didn't decorate, we didn't do ANY.THIN.G! Oh well there is always next year! We did eat with our families and did hunt for eggs! Olivia loved hunting for eggs. Aunt KK told her that she was going to be at the Egg hunt and that was all Olivia could talk about for days and days and days (she loves everyone more than boring 'ol mom). This is the 1 and only picture I got on Saturday ...

(Olivia with these cousins)

...pathetic I know. My battery died and I was to lazy to go charge it up! I wish I had a picture of the wonderful food, the look on Olivia's face when she would see an egg or Clara when she saw the Rice Krispie treat in her golden egg! But I don't so imagine it! My cousin got married later Saturday night and so I had 2 uncles, 1 Aunt and several cousins in town! It was great! We played games, ate, laughed, ate some more, made fun of Noah, laughed and ate cake! It was great!

Sunday I got the girls all gussied up for church! They looked so adorable!! I fell in love with their, dresses all over again! Church was great as usual. Clara was screaming fighting sleep, Olivia threw a fit during Primary when I would let her help me with Singing Time (oh yeah I am the Chorister! It's the best!), Clara barfed all.over.her.dress!! Nasty! She screamed during the last part of Primary, I started sweating like a pig because it was seriously 190 degrees in the church. All in all it was a GREAT and NORMAL church day! Nolan parents had us over for dinner. We ate till our buttons popped and then we kept eating! Olivia fell asleep on Grammy after throwing a fit, Clara was still fighting sleep and smelt like barf and it was raining outside. So after we woke Olivia from her little slumber, my awesome mother-in-law did an egg hunt with Olivia inside and she loved it! I didn't even bust my camera out once on Sunday afternoon! I am so lame! But here are my girls before church!

Aren't they so cute!

Happy Easter!


Hello. My name is Meshan. said...

I can see why you fell in love with those dresses! Where did you get them?! I didn't know you named your baby Clara. Cute. It's a great name. :)

Kaitlin said...

And I so missed the easter egg hunt. Its all Nacho's fault as usual. He is ruining my life!!!!! :)
but i like the easter dresses! Maybe next year you will be a better mom altogether by taking pictures and making your girls easter dresses.

Megan said...

Meshan, I got the dresses at Old Navy! Funny thing is Nora is another girls name that I LOVE!! I know that you have a Clara and a Nora! Too funnny!

KK-Nacho is ruining your life!! He better not make you miss Disneyland! Then for sure he is out of the fam! Not ?'s asked!