Thursday, December 6, 2007

...Getting Ready for Christmas!

This is so not like me, usually I have my Christmas Decorations up by now!? I normally put them up either before Thanksgiving or the Day after! I still have yet to get anything up! Though I have made some progress, the boxes are in the house. I just can't believe it, maybe it's because I have a baby now and would rather spend my time with Olivia, than putting up Garland & Lights?! Plus Christmas is like right around the corner and Nolan & I still have not bought 1 Christmas present! I used to be so on top of things? I didn't know that having kids would do this too you?! Nolan HATES decorating and plus I am kind of a Nazi, (is that how you even spell it?), when it comes to decorating and I like things done my way! My poor kids are going to have to have their "own" tree with all thier decorations on it! You know that little cheezy things that you make in school. So my goal for this weekend is to have my house TOTALLY decorated! Let's see if I can get it done? I love this time of year and can't wait for Christmas! I can't wait to spend Christmas with Olivia & Nolan, our first Christmas as a family of THREE!! How exiciting!

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