Monday, December 10, 2007

...It's DONE!! It's really really DONE!

So I finally finished decorating my house for Christmas! Saturday morning we went to help my little brother load up the moving truck and sent them off the Albuquerque! Good-Bye Jared & Desi! Nolan & I came home and I was determined to get my Christmas decorations up! We got home and Nolan helped me pick the house up and start some Saturday chores, and then he was off to a baptism! When he got home an hour later...I had not only managed to clean the house but also get off of my Christmas decorations out and up (except my tree). Nolan put my tree up for me and then I went crazy! I bought a new tree this year! (Martha Stewart...THANK YOU!) My old tree, only half of the lights worked on it and

I was tired of adding a new strand every Christmas! So once the tree was up and finally decorated, I was able to sit back on the couch and enjoy all the Christmasness (it don't think that is a word, but it sounds good) around my house!

I love this time of year! Nolan & I went for a drive around Kirtland later that evening and it started to snow a little, then it really started to feel like Christmas. Then we enjoyed the Annual Kirtland Community Christmas Concert and NOW we are in the mood!

Later that night after a long day of being such a good girl, Olivia must have been so tired, because she fell asleep between Nolan's knees with her mouth open WIDE! She is too cute and Nolan & I are so excited to have such an awesome Christmas present this year!

OK so we still have yet to buy a single Christmas present, but I am determined that by the end of this week, I am going to have most of it done! Our parents are the hardest people to buy for, so they are our big challenge this year, as they are every year! Wish me luck!


kim brimhall said...

cute tree!

Shar-bear said...

I come back to your blog and you are all blogged out! Awesome.

The tree looks great. I'm still looking for some motivation to put mine up. My motivation should be that Santa won't come unless I put it up. I guess I'm just too focused on getting my Christmas cards out. Look for yours in them mail.