Monday, July 21, 2008

...Keepin' it Real

...Mrs. Sheena has deemed this week "Keepin' it Real Week". Read her Blog for more details!
I want to share with the Bloggin' World "Real" things about me & my life! I want all of you to do the same!
Tell me all your secrets!


Keri said...

WHOA!! Where did you come across Sheena at?? She and Rob (her husband) lived in our condo complex in ID. We actually managed a renter in their condo when they moved & then Rob's dad bought our condo when we moved. Crazy!

Shar said...

I hover when I use anyone else's toilet but our own. Always.

Meggie said...

I do the same Sharon, unless they have toliet bibs! You never know where someone else butt has been!

Amanda said...

Do you even hover at my house??? JK...By the way, it is clean as of last night. :)