Monday, July 21, 2008


... Here are Real things about me
...I can't stand people that don't have Table Manners!

...I worked with a lady that had the WORST Table manners by far! When I was pregnant with Sweet Pea it made me almost vomit watching her eat. She once blew her nose at the table and got a bloody nose(mind you we were at a restaurant)! EWWW! She smacked and chewed her food like a COW! I can't stand smacking!GROSSSS!

What can't you stand?


Kaitlin said...

I can't stand it when people send me random text messages on the phone line. Saying things such as "Don't tell me my business devil woman!" or sometimes "You smell like taco meat and after shave". That really bugs me how about you??!?!

Amanda said...

That picture looks a bit like Kourtney yesterday at Lotaburger. She loves her fries!

Meggie said...

kk-you are retarded! You started it!

AmyBeth said...

I hate it when people dont use their blinker, grr, and in Utah its like a no blinker epidemic! Nobody uses them and instead everybody cuts everyone else off, all the time, it drives me crazy!