Friday, September 5, 2008

...Camping "Stewart Style"

...Every Labor Day weekend since Nolan & I have been married we have been camping at 5 Branches campground. It's our favorite place and our little re-treat away from our crazy lives. This year was extra special because we had Sweet Pea with us so, every thing was new and exciting!

...We enjoyed some yummy food

...lots of card games

...lots of walks

...a cooollld Boat Ride around the lake

...some DEL-ICI-OUS fudge

... and best of all afternoon naps!!

...Sweet Pea loved being able to crawl around and shove every rock possible in her mouth. YUCK!! She has a new found love for cantaloupe from Grandma's garden. Ate everything, and I mean everything in sight! Best of all, was completely spoiled for 5 days straight!!

She de-tested the life jacket, then I whipped out the camera and she liked it suddenly?! Go figure. We couldn't get her to keep it on the whole time...I know what a horrible mother I am!!

Nolan got to play Captain for a while and we all sang the theme song to Gilligan's Island

(ok only Grandma & Grandpa knew the words)

We love camping!


kendra said...

The boat picture of Nolan is super cool! We miss you guys...glad u had fun camping with out us..:)

KEDowdy said...

I still just love her little sweater, its the cutest dang thing ever.

Vanessa said...

I love camping too!!!! It's one of my favorites!